Fixed Route
ACTS is pleased to be able to offer our community a fixed route transportation option. To use this service, see our route and schedule information. Our fixed route operates 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The route operates on an hourly schedule.

This is a fixed-flex route. Riders can request to be let off or can flag the bus down anywhere on the route. The driver will pull over only if it is safe to do so and traffic is not impeded.

Fixed Route Fares (town routes)
One way – $2.00
Day pass (Unlimited) – $5.00
20 day pass (Unlimited) – $55.00
Children under 12 – free
Debit and credit accepted on fixed route busses only.

The following map details the locations:


Our door-to-door service is available for those that are looking to get where they need to go and offers an accessible option for seniors and more. This option will have a driver come to your door to pick you up and take you where you need to go, whether it be an appointment, a shopping trip or you are looking to get to a fixed route point.

All Book-A-Ride services must be booked by 1 p.m. at least one day before you want our service.


Trips within Antigonish town limits – $3
Trips up to 5 km – $5
Trips from 5km to 15km – $8
Trips over 15km – $8 for the first 15km then .75¢ per km

Some set rates for local areas are as follows. All are one-way fares.

Heatherton/Bayfield – $10
Pomquet/South Side Harbour – $8
Monastery – $12
Linwood/Havre Boucher – $15
Port Hawkesbury – $35
New Glasgow – $35
Truro – $75

Wait time – first hour is included then $20 per hour there after

Halifax – $300 (whether client is travelling back or not)