Q: How do I find out if the town bus route is delayed or canceled due to inclement weather?
A: If the bus route is delayed or cancelled, we provide updates via the ACTS Facebook page, and local radio stations who then post on their websites. 

Q: How do I find out if my book-a-ride service has been delayed or canceled due to inclement weather?
A: If there is change in the book-a-ride service, you will be contacted ACTS dispatch or the driver assigned to that trip. Clients are also encouraged to call ACTS Dispatch at 902.867.0411 to determine if the transit will be running late. 

Q: How can I obtain a printed copy of the town bus schedule?
A: A printed version of the town schedule is available on the bus or please contact the ACTS dispatch to obtain a copy. You can also view a copy of the bus schedule here

Q: Are there bus passes available and how can I purchase?
A: One-way fare on the bus is $2.00. A full day pass is $5.00, which allows you to ride the bus for the entire day. We also have a 20 Ride Pass which allows unlimited use of the bus for 20 days. (The days do not have to be consecutive or within the same month.) The cost is $55.00. All passes can be purchased from the bus driver directly. ACTS accepts cash, debit, and credit (only available on the bus).

Q: Is the town bus route wheelchair accessible?
A: The ACTS buses used for the fixed route are completely accessible. 

Q: Is the Book-A-Ride service accessible?
A: ACTS has four (4) vehicles that are used for the Book-A-Ride service, three (3) of which are fully accessible. We request clients identify the need for an accessible vehicle when booking the service. 

Q: Can I eat or drink on the ACTS vehicles?
A: Our preference is for clients to refrain from eating and drinking in any of our vehicles. Self-sealing coffee/tea/water containers are acceptable. 

Q: Can I bring my dog on an ACTS vehicle?
A: Only service dogs are permitted on ACTS vehicles. Many people have allergies to pets.

Q: How can I retrieve a lost item?
A: Any lost items are turned in the ACTS office. Please contact us.

Q: Can I leave shopping bags in the vehicle while I am shopping at a different location?
A: ACTS cannot take responsibility for items left in vehicles. Any bags or goods you take in our vehicles are your responsibility.

Q: I am a person with a disability. Will staff assist me with accessing and disembarking ACTS vehicles?
A: Absolutely! We strive to accommodate the needs of our customers.

Q: Are there convenience passes available for the Book-A-Ride service?
A: Yes, all convenience passes can be customized to your needs. Please contact the ACTS office at 902.867.0411for information and prices.

Q: Are the ACTS vehicles scent free?
A:Yes. We offer a scent free environment and request that our clients respect that requirement.

Q: If I see a driver texting or talking on the phone while the vehicle is in motion, what can I do?
A:  Please contact us immediately. Actions of this nature are not accepted. Safety is paramount.

Q: If I have a complaint, who do I contact?
A: Please contact us to report the complaint. It will be reviewed and investigated.

Q: How do I make suggestions for improvements?
A: Please contact the general manager via our contact us page. 

Q: How can I provide feedback about my travel experience?
A: We are always looking for feedback to improve our services. Please feel free to contact us.